CIBEC 2010 Accepted Papers

Paper ID Title Track
1)1646Modeling of Medical Equipment Maintenance in Health Care Facilities to Support Decision MakingClinical Engineering
2)1700Subband Spectral Complexity Distance for Cortical Health Evaluation and Monitoring in Ischemic Brain InjuryBrain Research and BCI
3)1754Contrasting Levels of Accuracy in Command Interaction Sequences for a Domestic Brain-Computer Interface Using SSVEPBrain Research and BCI
4)1862Detection and classification of Skin Lesions with Spectral ImagingMedical Imaging
5)1970Automatic Liver Tumor Segmentation from CT Scans with Knowledge-based ConstraintsPattern Recognition and Visualization
6)1997An Evolutionary-Fuzzy Approach for Supporting Diagnosis and Monitoring of Multiple Sclerosis Bioinformatics and Data Mining
7)2051Investigating potential effects of RFID systems on the molecular structure of the human insulinClinical Engineering
8)2078On the Comparison of the Accuracies of Optical Tracking and EMTS Modalities of Surgical NavigatorsImage Processing
9)2105Accuracy Assessment Phantom for Surgical Devices Poster and Miscellaneous Topics
10)2132Integrated instrumentation control system for bioluminometric pyrosequencing Bioinstrumentation and New Devices
11)2159Multiscale principal component analysis to denoise multichannel ECG signalsSignal Processing
12)2186Virtual Collaborative Environment for Radiological 3D ConsultationsHealth IS and Decision Support Systems
13)2348An Effect of Afferent Stimulation Using a Hardware Model of a Central Pattern Generator Based on Neuronal NetworksBrain Research and BCI
14)2402Fuzzy Based Photo Plethysmography for Earlier Detection of Cancer Medical Imaging
15)2510A New Approach for Higher Data Reduction Capacity Based on Spike Detection Technique in Wireless Multichannel Neural Recordings Brain Research and BCI
16)2672Linear vs. Non-Linear Dimensionality Reduction Techniques in Predicting Class-II MHC Peptide BindingBioinformatics and Data Mining
17)2726A MEMS accelerometers based system for the measurement of lung sound delaysNanotechnology
18)2753Segmentation of Left Ventricle in Cardiac MRI Images Using Adaptive Multi-Seeded Region GrowingImage Processing
19)2780A New Approach for Biomedical Image Segmentation: Combined Complex-Valued Artificial Neural Network Case Study: Lung Segmentation on Chest CT Images Image Processing
20)2834Prediction of the Degree of Liver Fibrosis Using Different Pattern Recognition TechniquesPattern Recognition and Visualization
21)2888Improved Segmentation Technique to Detect Cardiac Infarction in MRI C-SENC Images.Image Processing
22)2915Ultrasound Speckle Reduction and Edge Enhancing in Laplacian PyramidImage Processing
23)2969Experimental and Numerical Characterization of a Tissue Lesion Induced by a Tubular ElectrodeMedical Imaging
24)2996Design and Analysis of a Mechanism for Enhanced Flexibility in Minimally Invasive Surgical Instruments Biomechanics and Prosthetics
25)3023Arabic Braille Recognition and Transcription into Text and VoicePattern Recognition and Visualization
26)3050A Novel Analytical Technique of Skin Photo-stress Biomarker Using Surface Plasmon ResonanceMedical Imaging
28)3158Effect of Sensor Configurations on Indirect-Contact Photoplethysmogram Measurement SystemMedical Imaging
29)3185Biaxial extensometer for measuring of the human skin anisotropy in vivoBiomechanics and Prosthetics
30)3266An improved telemedicine system for remote titration and optimization of home mechanical ventilation.Health IS and Decision Support Systems
31)3293iTree: a high-throughput phylogenomic pipelineBioinformatics and Data Mining
32)3347A Survey on EMD Sensitivity to SNR for EEG Feature Extraction in BCI ApplicationBrain Research and BCI
33)3401Analysis of heartbeat time series from Young subjects with metabolic syndromeSignal Processing
34)3428Modeling and validating genotype knowledge Bioinformatics and Data Mining
35)3590Numerical Technique for Transmission Analysis of Electromagnetic Waves in High-Loss Media Used for Microwave Imaging of Biological FunctionsMedical Imaging
36)3644A new FOT set-up for the assessment of respiratory system mechanics in mechanically ventilated infantsBioinstrumentation and New Devices
37)3671Enhancements of the classification algorithms for the BCI P300 speller diagramBrain Research and BCI
38)3698Root Cause Analysis for Medical Equipment Calibration Laboratory NonconformitiesClinical Engineering
39)3725Automatic Detection for Some Common Pronunciation Mistakes Applied to Chosen Quran Sounds Pattern Recognition and Visualization
40)3752Decision Support Systems in Clinical EngineeringClinical Engineering
41)3779National Registries in Developing Countries: Understanding Construction Challenges and Implementation StepsHealth IS and Decision Support Systems
42)3806A Contour Based Automatic Method to Classify Local Field Potentials Recorded from Rat Barrel CortexBrain Research and BCI
44)3860A Local Tangent Space Based Approach for Single-Trial Representation of Event-Related PotentialsBrain Research and BCI
45)3887Precision Grasping of a Prosthetic Hand Based on Virtual Spring Damper Hypothesis Biomechanics and Prosthetics
46)3941Accurate Measurement of Base-of-Support Gait Parameter Using A Novel Accurate Human Locomotion Tracking System via UWB RadiosBiomechanics and Prosthetics
47)3968The Effect of Contrast Enhancement on Familiar Face Recognition with Simulating Prosthetic VisionPattern Recognition and Visualization
48)4022Optimization of an Optical Magnetic Twisting Cytometry system for the study of cell mechanicsNanotechnology
49)4049Using Ultra-Wideband Sensing Technology for Intestinal Motility MeasurementBioinstrumentation and New Devices
50)4103Noise and the detection of coronary artery disease with an electronic stethoscopeBioinstrumentation and New Devices
51)4130Mechanical Design of an Anthropomorphic Prosthetic Hand for Shape Memory Alloy ActuationBiomechanics and Prosthetics
52)4211A 1.2-V 200nW Fourth Order Switched Capacitor Band Pass Filter for Implantable Cardiac PacemakerNanotechnology
53)4238Simultaneous gene delivery and tracking of cells using fluorescent upconversion nanoparticles for cell therapyNanotechnology
54)4265A Modified Adaptive Noise Canceler for Electrocardiography with No Power-line Reference Signal Processing
55)4292On the Validation of Gene Expression Clusters Bioinformatics and Data Mining
56)4346A Compression-Based Technique for Comparing Biological SequencesBioinformatics and Data Mining
57)4454Somatotopic Representation and Cortical Thickness of Primary Motor Cortex in Bells Palsy; Preliminary Study Brain Research and BCI
58)4481Investigating Performance of Empirical Mode Decomposition Application on ElectrocardiogamSignal Processing
59)4562Parallel Suffix Sorting based on Bucket Pointer RefinementBioinformatics and Data Mining
60)4616EGEPT: Monitoring Middle East Genomic DataBioinformatics and Data Mining
61)4643Segmentation of Ascending and Descending Aorta from Magnetic Resonance Flow ImagesImage Processing
62)4670RFID-based Indoors Localization of Tagless-ObjectsHealth IS and Decision Support Systems
63)4697A Simple Quantitative Model for Replacement of Medical Equipment Proposed to Developing CountriesClinical Engineering
64)4724Monitoring sympathetic activity by thermal infrared imagingMedical Imaging
65)4832An Adaptive Hybrid Multiprocessor Technique for Bioinformatics Sequence AlignmentBioinformatics and Data Mining
66)4859An Approach to Optimal Individualized Warfarin Treatment through Clinical Trial SimulationsBioinformatics and Data Mining
CIBEC 2010, December 16 - 18, 2010
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