Local Student Grant

Misr El Kheir, an Egyptian NGO with a focus on promoting research and development skills, is proud to sponsor 40 local students to attend CIBEC 2010.

Eligibility Criteria

An eligible applicant must be an undergraduate or a post-graduate student registered at a local government university.


Please download the application form, fill it out, then email it to khaled.wahba@yahoo.com

Application Deadline

All application received after November 23, 2010 shall be discarded.

Notification of Award

Notification of awarded students should be expected by the end of November, 2010. Awarded students who will have already paid registration fees by then will get their money back accordingly.


All questions related to this student grant should be sent to khaled.wahba@yahoo.com Any question whose answer is clearly stated in this page shall be discarded.

CIBEC 2010, December 16 -18, 2010